4.7. inn.conf

inn.conf - Configuration data for InterNetNews programs


##  $Id$
##  inn.conf -- INN configuration data
##  Format:
##      <parameter>:<whitespace><value>
##  Blank values are allowed for certain parameters.
##  See the inn.conf(5) man page for a full description of each of these
##  options.  This sample file is divided into two sections; first, there
##  are the parameters that must be set (or should be set in nearly all
##  cases), and then all parameters are given with their defaults for
##  reference in the same order and with the same organization as the
##  inn.conf(5) documentation.

# The following parameters are most likely to need setting, although the
# defaults generated by configure may be reasonable.

mta:                    /usr/sbin/sendmail -oi -oem %s
organization:           Unknown   1
ovmethod:               tradindexed
pathhost:               news
pathnews:               /usr/local/news

# General Settings

domain:			worldhello.net
mailcmd:                /usr/local/news/bin/innmail

# Feed Configuration

artcutoff:              60
hiscachesize:           256   2
ignorenewsgroups:       false
immediatecancel:        false
linecountfuzz:          0
maxartsize:             500000
maxconnections:         50
pgpverify:              false
port:                   119
refusecybercancels:     false
remembertrash:          true
usecontrolchan:         false
verifycancels:          false
wanttrash:              false
wipcheck:               5
wipexpire:              10

# Article Storage

cnfscheckfudgesize:     0
enableoverview:         true
groupbaseexpiry:        true
mergetogroups:          false
overcachesize:          15
storeonxref:            false
useoverchan:            false
wireformat:             false
xrefslave:              false

# Reading

allownewnews:           true
articlemmap:            false
clienttimeout:          600
nnrpdcheckart:          true
nnrpperlauth:           false
nnrppythonauth:         false
noreader:               false
readerswhenstopped:     false
readertrack:            false

# Reading -- Keyword Support
# Enabling this without stopping innd and deleting the existing overview
# database and adding will probably confuse a lot of things.  You must
# have compiled this support in too.

keywords:               false
keyartlimit:            100000
keylimit:               512
keymaxwords:            250

# Posting

addnntppostingdate:     true
addnntppostinghost:     true
checkincludedtext:      false
localmaxartsize:        500000
nnrpdauthsender:        false
nnrpdpostport:          119
spoolfirst:             false
strippostcc:            false

# Posting -- Exponential Backoff

backoffauth:            false
backoffk:               1
backoffpostfast:        0
backoffpostslow:        1
backofftrigger:         10000

# Monitoring

doinnwatch:             true
innwatchbatchspace:     800
innwatchlibspace:       25000
innwatchloload:         1000
innwatchhiload:         2000
innwatchpauseload:      1500
innwatchsleeptime:      600
innwatchspoolnodes:     200
innwatchspoolspace:     8000

# Logging

docnfsstat:             false
logartsize:             true
logcancelcomm:          false
logcycles:              3
logipaddr:              true
logsitename:            true
nnrpdoverstats:         false
nntpactsync:            200
nntplinklog:            false
status:                 0
timer:                  0

# System Tuning

badiocount:             5
blockbackoff:           120
chaninacttime:          600
chanretrytime:          300
icdsynccount:           10
maxforks:               10
nicekids:               4
nicenewnews:            0
nicennrpd:              0
pauseretrytime:         300
peertimeout:            3600
rlimitnofile:           -1

# Paths

patharchive:            /usr/local/news/spool/archive
patharticles:           /usr/local/news/spool/articles
pathbin:                /usr/local/news/bin
pathcontrol:            /usr/local/news/bin/control
pathdb:                 /usr/local/news/db
pathetc:                /usr/local/news/etc
pathfilter:             /usr/local/news/bin/filter
pathhttp:               /usr/local/news/log
pathincoming:           /usr/local/news/spool/incoming
pathlog:                /usr/local/news/log
pathoutgoing:           /usr/local/news/spool/outgoing
pathoverview:           /usr/local/news/spool/overview
pathrun:                /usr/local/news/run
pathspool:              /usr/local/news/spool
pathtmp:                /usr/local/news/tmp

Set this to the name of your organization as you want it to appear in the Organization: header of all articles posted locally and not already containing that header. This will be overridden by the value of the ORGANIZATION environment variable (if it exists). If neither this parameter nor the environment variable or set, no Organization: header will be added to posts which lack one.


The amount of memory (in kilobytes) to allocate for a cache of recently used history file entries. Setting this to 0 disables history caching. History caching can greatly increase the number of articles per second that your server is capable of processing. A value of 256 is a good default choice.