A. Nightly Build命令行

Synopsis: nightly.sh [options...] [command...]
    Options :
        -release (-r) 
            build RELEASE version (default)
        -engineer (-e) 
            build engineer version
        -force (-f)  
            force build.

        nightly (n)
            All commands are bind to one. there are three steps to run nightly.
            update, compile, link, post
        update (up) 
            1st step of running nightly.
            update_source_code         : step 1.1
            update_version_file        : step 1.2
            update_rc_file             : step 1.3
        compile (c) 
            2nd step of running nightly.
            run custom make.bat        : step 2.1
        link (l) 
            3rd step of running nightly.
            run custom link.bat        : step 3.1
        post (l) 
            4th step of running nightly.
            cp package to ftp_dir      : step 4.1
            checkin version file       : step 4.2
    Other Command:
            This screen.
            Additional help.

        run nightly.sh config to see additional help.