B.2. Visual C++

msdev 提供命令行编译支持,可以直接使用 .dsw, .dsp 文件执行命令行编译。

  MSDEV [myprj.dsp|mywksp.dsw]  - load project/workspace
        [<filename>]            - load source file
        /?                      - display usage information
        /EX <macroname>         - execute a VBScript macro
        /OUT <filename>         - redirect command line output to a file
        /USEENV                 - ignore tools.options.directories settings
        /MAKE [<target>] [...]  - build specified target(s)
              [<project> - <platform> <configname>]
              [[<project>|ALL] - [DEBUG|RELEASE|ALL]]
              /CLEAN            - delete intermediate files but don't build
              /REBUILD          - clean and build
              /NORECURSE        - don't build dependent projects


MSDEV myprj.dsp /MAKE "ALL - Win32 Release" /REBUILD